Tournament Stick (PS4) - by Collective Minds

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**Compatible with Playstation 4 Consoles ONLY**

Specifically designed for PlayStation 4 console gamers needing a wired connection that provides a smoother, more consistent, and reliable playing experience.

- Plug-n-Play – No updating or settings to fuss with, just insert the Tournament Stick into the console and connect your controller via USB cable

- Minimizes Input Lag – Provides nearly a full 1-frame advantage over wireless inputs

- True Wired Connection – Input priority and transmission tuned for the highest eSports competitions

- Bypass Bluetooth signals – Removes possible Bluetooth interference in crowded arenas and event centers

- Prevents Console Registration – PS button inputs will not sync the controller to the console, preventing future tournament interruption

- Provides Consistency Among Competitors – Creates a universal, predictable, and fair environment for all competitors in any game

- Full Headset Support –Continue to utilize the controllers' 3.5mm jack for audio and microphone connection

What Does It Do?

The tournament stick was purpose built for Tournament Organizers and is showing promising benefits for any competitive gamer by giving you a Truly Wired Gameplay Experience.

Current options for PS4 tournaments are to play without Bluetooth by connecting to the console with a USB cable charging the controller (optional) and selecting the “wired” feature under the device tab. The “wired” option is far from perfect and introduced input lag to your gaming experience.


- Using a micro-USB cable (optionally bundled) plug your controller into the TS, then plug the TS into the console. That’s it! No Firmware, No Settings, No Computer needed

- There are two buttons that are only for re-flashing and boot-loading (please don’t press them, it doesn’t do anything beneficial) If you do touch the buttons, the lights will go from blue to Green/Red. Simply unplug the TS and plug it back into the console

Minimizes Input Lag

- By taking the input signal from your controller and converting it to a truly wired connection you are given the sheer speed of wired play that competitive gamers depend on when every frame counts.

Provides a True Wired Connection

- The Tournament Stick was built with one thing in mind, competitive gaming. Engineered from the inside out to convert signals from a Bluetooth enabled PS4 controller to a purely digital output over wire. By first reading the serial number of your controllers main-board, the TS converts all other inputs as wired data back to the console.

Bypass Bluetooth Signals

- Bluetooth interference occurs from other devices like phones, watches, headphones, speakers, smart home components, security cameras, and the list goes on and on. The Tournament stick eliminates the POSSIBILITY of your controller using Bluetooth when wired through it, making it perfect for tournaments where you are not able to use Bluetooth connections.

Prevents Console Registration

- The second biggest feature designed specifically for Tournament Organizers, and will provide some usefulness for home competitors, the Tournament Stick is never required to register with the console.

- The serial number is transferred from the controller to the console to ensure legitimacy, but does not show up as a registered controller. Meaning, when you unplug and walk away from the station pressing the PS button will not sync the controller back to the console.

Provides Consistency Among Competitors

- No longer is being in an area with high Bluetooth traffic an issue

- No longer will the previous competitor step away and accidentally bump their PS button, re-syncing to the console and interrupting the current match

- No more excuses for input lag from other USB devices

Full Headset Support

- Designed to convert digital and audio abilities. Any compatible 3.5mm headset you currently use will still work when using the Tournament Stick

REF SKU: CM00049

Lag Testing

Independently Tested and Certified:

- Field-Tested by professional Gamers in an array of competitive eSport communities and unanimously recognized to provide instant advantages over native wired connection in terms of input speed and consistency.

In-house Testing Results:

Sony (Wired) average input speed: ~13ms

2016 CronusMax+ : ~10.5ms (wired)

Tournament Stick by CM: ~4.5ms (wired)

(*estimated based on our findings, we invite any 3rd party to do their own tests)  

By simply plugging your controller into the Tournament Stick, you will eliminate almost a full input frame of controller input lag when compared to the native DS4 wired connection.

Input Lag  

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