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returns / warranty repairs

Battle Beaver Customs is dedicated to the satisfaction to their customers and is one of the few companies that offers returns on custom gaming equipment. Returned equipment is inspected, refurbished, and listed for re-sale as a refurbished item.

Custom Controllers:
- Must be returned within 30-days of shipping arrival with an approved RMA number (provided after form submission)
- Controller must show little to no signs of heavy wear or physical abuse. A certified Battle Beaver Technician will be inspecting all returns for any damage.
- Specialty items such as pre-installed Wicked grip, Custom Uploaded Home buttons, Rear shells with custom button placement, expedited build speed (Beaver Boost), and other non-resalable modifications will not be refunded.
- Shipping costs will not be refunded.

Parts and Accessories:
- Refunds will be given for any part that is not physically damaged or that was installed into a customer’s controller.
- Shipping costs will not be refunded.

Refund Options:
- Can only be sent to the Original Method of Payment. If you used a pre-paid card of any sorts we suggest choosing the “in-store credit” option.   

RMA Request Form