Please Read Through This Page First Before Submitting A RMA Request

Are you experiencing an issue (or more) with your controller under warranty? To repair or return your controller, begin your RMA process:

RMA Request Form
*Note: Our warranty does not cover issues caused by external heat, moisture, and/or physical damage that is observed

What is RMA?

Return Merchandise Authorization. Our warranty covers any defect or malfunction resulting from the build process. For a description of what our warranty covers or our return policy:

Our Warranty Return Policy


You may notice a shiny little sticker on your controller, this is a security measure put in place to deter tampering with our work should your controller begin to have issues. Any opening or internal tampering with the controller will void your warranty.

For a more detailed explanation of our warranty or any questions, please visit:


Return Policy

Battle Beaver Customs is dedicated to the satisfaction to their customers and is one of the few companies that offers returns on custom gaming equipment. Returned equipment may be inspected, refurbished, and listed for re-sale as a refurbished item.

A 15% restocking fee for returning the items of your order may be deducted from your refund once processed. This restocking fee has been introduced as a result of inventory constraints, thank you for your understanding.

For a more detailed explanation of our Return Policy or any questions, please visit:


*Upon approval of Warranty Repairs or Return requests, products must be shipped to Battle Beaver no later than 7 days after the request is approved unless otherwise noted.*