Astro C40 TR Tension Module

Stock TensionIncreased TensionHeavy (Extreme) Tension
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We start with the same exact model thumbstick mechanism that is used in the Astro C40, perform our tension modification, then solder it to a compatible PCB board for the C40 stick module. 

What does this mean? With a T6 driver (very common) you can remove the two screws holding your thumbstick module together and swap in one with increased or extreme tension. With increased stick tension you can control your minor movements to improve accuracy and overall character control. 

Stock is the same tension that came with the C40, Increased is around twice the amount of force needed to move the thumbstick, and extreme is a little less than three times the stock force (great for taller stick toppers).

If you are experiencing thumbstick module issues such as drift that is not remedied by a controller reset, our stock tension replacement could fix that for you as well.

**Sold as individual mechanism pre-mounted to a PCB board** 
**No warranty**

Install video >>HERE<<

Module Calibration Guide >>HERE<<

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