Battle Beaver Customs

A company uniquely geared for your style of gaming. From stunning prebuilt discount controllers approved for competition at any major event, to one-off fully customizable controllers to fit your unique taste and gaming style. Battle Beaver also offers DIY repair and upgrade parts as well as refurbished equipment for the “budget gamer.”

Complete Customization

Battle Beaver Customs is the first MLG / UMG / UGC and all other major LAN host that offers increased thumbstick tension along with rear buttons and Smart Triggers. An authentic Battle Beaver controller is the most ergonomically comfortable controller on the market with tested precision enhancements to improve your accuracy and response time. All modifications from rear buttons, to Smart Triggers, and increased thumbstick tension are custom tailored to your individual gaming style. Mix and match colors, and performance options to create a one of a kind custom controller to help you close the gap between you and your enemy.

Blueprint your controller


your controller

DIY Modifications

We recognize that gaming equipment has a limited useful life, and not every repair or enhancement warrants a unit to be mailed in. Thus, we offer many consumable parts on equipment as kits with tools to be fixed or improved on the spot. Watch our step-by-step videos to learn how to diagnose and fix basic issues with your equipment to decrease downtime due to failures.

Battle Beaver Gear

Love your Beaver and want to show it off? Find Battle Beaver Customs apparel and branded accessories to show your support. We can’t make it without the support of our customers. All products are made to match the quality of our gaming equipment, no poor quality accessories will be found here.