Battle Beaver Media Assets

New Logo, Who Dis?

Please use for the following Style Guide for instructions on
our new logo's guidelines and alternative coloring procedures: 

At the bottom of this page you will find a link to download our available media assets. 

Our Primary Logo

Our new logo consists of a revamped Beaver residing inside of our classic hexagon. The "Battle Beaver" text is meant to strength our ties to the popular community moniker, while distancing ourselves from the rather unintended "BBC" initials of our previous logo. 

The main logo (colored) should be used wherever possible and should only be substituted if the project cannot support a multi-colored composition.

The Logomark

The most important glow-up of our new logo is our signature Beaver head. We decided that the strongest connection the community had with our previous branding was the beaver imagery, so we knew that whatever we decided next would have to be similar in design. 

After many iterations, the wonderful designer we worked with created the majestic beast you see today.

The Logomark should be used in full color whenever possible.

The Typemark

Our new typemark is a grateful departure from our previous one. We decided to modernize our branding with the clean lines that a geometric sans-serif font has to offer, while maintaining the similar boldness of our previous type.

The typemark should be used when placed near other typemarks, and can be stacked if needed by using the correct file available in the asset pack (shown).

The Vertical Logo

Our vertical logo combines both the new logomark and logotype to create a more compact branding option that is more intended for use with vertical media such as mobile content. The typemark should be lined up with the logomark with appropriate spacing as denoted in the style guide.

The vertical logo should not be used when signifying a collaboration or announcing a partnership. Instead, our logomark should be placed next to the partnering logomark, with the company name or typemark being used in the support text.

Our Media Assets and You

It may seem a little extra, but thank you for reading this far. We all worked pretty hard on this brand refresh, and the rules we have established in our style guide are to make sure that all that hard work isn't mistreated when others are representing our work.

There's a philosophy that our support team embraces that we believe should be echoed by those associated with us who are creating content for others: In very much the same way that Wu-Tang Clan is for the Children, Battle Beaver is for the Gamers.

For many of us here, it has been our life's work to help gamers everywhere and subsequently grow this company to better serve that goal. Every day we are working on how we can better serve the diverse and varied communities in our slice of the world, and we just want to thank everyone who helps us in achieving that goal.

When using these new assets, please keep in mind that everything we have to offer is born from the support of our fans and the sacrifices of those who truly wish to see a more accessible and fair environment for all who enjoy games.

Remember to always be for the gamers <3