Production Queue Updates:

last updated: June 10th, 2024

Due to certain part shortages, current queue dates may be past your order date dependent on controller type. Our Support team is currently reaching out to affected customers.

We've used a number of different transparency efforts over the years whenever our production estimates and queue times fluctuate, but we'd like to try something different this year. For the next few months we will be updating this page every weekday (~10 am CT) with which dates our different production queues are currently working through.

Please note that if your order was placed prior to the listed order dates, it may be awaiting its final Quality Assurance checks or waiting to be shipped. If your order is within or near the date ranges listed, we may not be able to accommodate any changes to the order now that it is in production.

We are working on controllers that were purchased on the dates below:

Standard Production

Apr. 16th - 19th

Quick Picks

May 29th - Jun 1st

*Quick Pick SmartPad

May 29th - Jun 1st

Send-In Services

May 27th - 30th

Beaver Boost

Limited Availability

Standard - Custom Controller orders built with our designer (non-boosted)
Quick Picks - Basic and Pro controller variations
*Quick Pick SmartPad - Due to supply disruptions, these orders may be delayed
Send-In Services - Repairs and Upgrade services (non-warranty)

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Explaining our "Queues"

At Battle Beaver we operate our production lines in several different 'queues', with four or more queues operating at any given time. Every day our Prep team and Production manager coordinate which orders are scheduled to be prepared for technicians to work on. Due to several different product lines each having their own production estimates, it can be complicated to keep track of and ensure the correct orders are being built in the proper order. Each queue is worked on simultaneously by our technician team members, with more specialized members handling orders from our Send-In Services and general technicians working on our less complicated Quick Pick controllers. It is important to understand that due to these separate but interconnected queue lines, our production estimates can fluctuate significantly depending on a few factors.

On a macro scale for example, when we receive large volumes of orders in an area that we were not anticipating, we have to then adjust our production allocations to cover for the unexpected increase of orders. Another way to handle this however, is unfortunately to revise our production estimates for certain products and inform customers of potential delays as we move different resources to meet demand. As we are a small business, sometimes having even just a handful of technicians with bad luck can cause large fluctuations in certain production queues. Even as we follow safety guidelines and cleaning procedures, if a nasty cold or flu is affecting the area then we possibly have delays occurring when large amounts of technicians are home sick. While we understand it is inconvenient for unexpected delays to occur, we ensure everyone that we work tirelessly to overcome these obstacles and return to more acceptable lead times.

On a smaller scale however, while we do build and complete orders by the date they are received, we do have some minor fluctuations based on what our Quality Assurance team finds during the final inspection of controllers. In order to maintain the high standards we have for controller modifications, sometimes an order can be delayed during the production process in order to reach the quality we strive for. Examples of this can be critical issues such as wiring the incorrect input to a rear button, or very subtle things such as the position and pressure activation of a Smart Trigger.

All of these things contribute to the production estimates we have reported above. While some weeks we have larger variations, and some weeks we are able to more swiftly, it is important to trust us that the care and attention we give each controller and customer is to ensure the best quality possible.

- - - - - - - - - -

How 'Beaver boost' works

The expediting service we named 'Beaver Boost' many years ago is our fun way of allowing customers who are in a rush the opportunity to enter their order into a separate queue and receive their orders more quickly than what their original production estimate would afford them. This service was originally established to help us as a small business afford the additional Overtime that technicians would use to build controllers that were being 'rushed', just as other crafts and services offer.

Some years ago we split our method of offering Beaver Boost into the traditional option being available when building a custom controller, but also as an a la carte item that could be purchased after an order was placed in order to have it entered into the separate Boost Queue to be worked on and completed sooner.

There are times, such as around the holidays, that we suspend our Boost service in order to focus those resources and production hours towards queues that may have been delayed for any reason. For example, after historic sales this 2023 Black Friday, we plan on suspending our boost services until our Standard Production queue is caught up and those delays brought under control. We will communicate on our official channels when Boost is made available again, and if any restrictions are placed on eligible orders.

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