Battle Beaver Trigger Plugs

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Your shoulder triggers may just be two of the most important buttons on the GameCube controller. Whether it is to power shield a Samus charge-shot, wave-dashing to land that Up Smash, or Air Dodging at the perfect moment to punish, proper use of the shoulder triggers in Super Smash Bros. can make or break you at the competitive level. 


Enter the Trigger Plug.


 A well-known modification for these shoulder triggers is to shorten the amount of time required to initiate the input. This creates an almost immediate input for the light shield when pulling the trigger lightly, while a quick long pull of the trigger will activate the hard-shield. Previously this modification has been done with, among other things, rolled pieces of hard plastic or a small wooden dowel. We've created a cylindrical stopper that allows players to enhance their controllers with ease and convenience. Using a singular mold, these plugs are durable and long-lasting.


The Trigger Plug can be installed in under a minute with practiced hands and perfectly fits inside of the trigger's center


Short: A slight pull before the trigger activates. Able to light shield.


Tall: Immediate activation of trigger.


*Please note that for Melee players these trigger plugs will be plug-and-play. For Smash 4 & Ultimate players you will need extensive modification to the sliders of the controller in order for them to function as intended. (In-house we must rewire the trigger click pad to register as slider 100% for Smash 4 & Ultimate - See Mail-in form)


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*sold in pairs*

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