Beaver Blades - Gaming / Office Chair Wheels

$ 34.99

  • Fits Most Gaming/Office Chairs

  • Smooth Movement Across Floor

  • Ships Quickly


  • Perfect for Gaming & Office chairs on carpet or hardwood flooring, even eliminating the need for a floor mat. The castor replacement wheels are made from protective nylon rubber and encased in soft polyurethane material, so they will not leave any marks or scratches. As a result, the low profile heavy duty caster wheels are ideal for all surfaces like hardwood floors, tile, vinyl, and even carpet!
  • Move easier with these super-slick wheels! Alleviate physical stress on your joints, enjoy smooth rolling and keep noise to a minimum with these bladed caster wheels for Gaming & Office chairs! This wheel design features a new reinforced swivel vertical axle with dual oil proof ball bearings for a stronger connection. In addition, the universal workbench chair castors will facilitate feather-light gliding around your desk.
  • Long lasting! We all know that over time, getting hair or dust caught in wheels prevents swiveling and limits your mobility. The locking heavy duty casters will offer you maximum mobility and will pass the test of time!

*Sold in sets of 5 Black wheels

**Compatible with most Gaming and Office chairs, just pull off the old wheels and push the Beaver Blades into position.

***Returns / Refunds only available for unopened and unused sets.

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