Custom GameCube Buttons

A ButtonB Button
$ 15.00


Get your favorite image inside your favorite controller!

Available as an A or B button!

Tall Buttons

  • For shorter rubber pads
  • Older generation 1 and 2 controllers

Short Buttons

  • For taller rubber pads
  • Newer Smash 4 (Gen 3) controllers
  • Custom Controller Companies


Upload criteria: Please provide the highest quality image for best result. Also, note that the pictures are cut into circles, so if you have a colored background make sure the background exceeds the image enough to cover the circle. 

Note - Custom Buttons take approximately 72 hours to create, and up to two weeks to batch / process. 

*By uploading an image you agree that you own/have created the artwork, or have permission to use the artwork from its owner.*

Tech Specs

A Battle Beaver Controller is identified by three things: our ergonomic button placements, our patented Increased Tension, and our Smart Triggers & Bumpers. Each Battle Beaver carries a life-time promise for all of these things, which guarantees repairs at minimal charge for the original owner.

Rear-Buttons: Each of these buttons replicate an input found on the controller, most often the "face buttons", cross, circle, square, & triangle.

2 Configurations Available: 
(Left=X, Right=O) or (Left=O, Right=X)

Smart Triggers / Bumpers:  By converting the triggers / bumpers to a digital click, you can aim and shoot fractions of a second ahead of the competition.

Increased Tension: (not included in this build) This modification makes the thumb sticks harder to move, enhancing your head-tracking ability while maintaining your current sensitivity. 

Rumbles: Included, disabled, or removed to decrease weight and strain on hands


*Built on a 2nd Generation Sony Dualshock 4 Controller

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Our Guarantee

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