Battle Beaver Customs offers a wide array of services for 1st-Party stock controllers and controllers originally purchased from our store. Below you will find our form for controller repairs, modifications, or upgrades. 

Please note: All enhancements will void any written or understood warranties offered by the respective manufacture. We are not currently offering Repairs or Upgrades to any custom controllers that are not from Battle Beaver Customs directly. Additionally, controllers that have pre-existing modifications that were installed by any individuals not apart of Battle Beaver Customs are ineligible for send-in services. Please do not send in ineligible controllers to our shop, they will be rejected and destroyed. 

At this time, please see the send-in form for eligible controller models.
Please note, Battle Beaver
 Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation DualSense
controllers are also eligible for repairs.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Send-in Services are
returning with limited availability and the following
safety procedures & processing requirements:

  • ALL PACKAGES that are shipped to our office must have a legible Entry I.D Number written on the outside of the package, OR on a note accompanying the controller.
  • Our current repair time is being estimated at ~2-3 weeks from when the controller is checked-in and a service invoice is emailed.
  • Packages that are received will be placed in isolation for a minimum of 72 hours before being opened, disinfected, and checked-in by our technicians.
  • Stock Xbox Series X & DualSense Controllers, or Xbox Series X & DualSense Controllers not originating from Battle Beaver Customs, are not eligible for Send-In Services at this time. 

Once the initial invoice for repairs/upgrades has been emailed, customers will have  3 business days to purchase their services. If an invoice is left unpaid, the controller(s) will be subject to additional fees, with ownership forfeited following 10 business days.

Please ship your controller to:

Battle Beaver Customs

1161 Executive Drive W

Richardson, Tx 75081

If you have any questions or suggestions for edits to our form,
please submit a request at our Help Center:

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