Pro Pick - Xbox Series X Controller

Estimated Build Time: Up to 5 Business Days
Sale price$ 156.99 USD

The Xbox Series X Pro Pick variation of our custom controllers features our signature Smart Triggers and Rear-Buttons.

Our Patented Smart Trigger design that functions as an instant "click" that feels identical to a mouse click. We also add two Rear Buttons that duplicate the "A" and "B" face buttons and the option to remove the rumble motors to reduce the weight and permanently the rumble feature. Included are our Beaver Tail Textured rear button caps for added input comfort.


- Upgraded triggers to Smart Triggers

- Two rear buttons placed in the "standard position" as A-B or B-A

- Textured Beaver Tail Caps installed (snap on standard caps included)

- Rumbles In / Out / Disabled

- 30 Day Money-back Guarantee + 90 Day Standard Warranty

Rear Buttons: Each of these buttons replicate an input found on the controller, most often the "face buttons", A, B, X, and Y

Smart Triggers: By converting the triggers to a digital click, you can aim and shoot fractions of a second ahead of the competition.

Color: Pulse Red