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Tournament Stick Update Tool

Newest Firmware Version: 2.0.3-rc.6
Update Tool: Download Here

Here are step-by-step instructions to update the official Tournament Stick:

1. Install and Open the CM Firmware Update Tool on a Windows PC.
2. While holding down the two buttons on the Tournament Stick, plug the Stick into the USB port of a Windows PC.
3. The Tournament Stick should be detected by the Updater and show the ID of the device and its firmware version:
  • Previous Firmware Version: 2.0.3.rc.5

  • Newest Firmware Version: 2.0.3.rc.6

4. Select the "Begin Update" button.
5. Once the update has finished, click "Start Over", and disconnect the Tournament Stick from the PC.
6. Repeat step #2 to confirm that the update was applied.


Now that you have updated your "Beaver Stick", it will be permanently patched with the most current firmware until a new version is available and applied.

As new firmware updates are released, please keep in mind that subsequent Update Tools must also be downloaded in order to keep your Tournament Stick as up-to-date as possible.

If you are having input issues with your device, be sure that it has the latest firmware and manually reset the device using the instructions below:

To Manually Reset the Tournament Stick (available to version: 2.0.3.rc.6 & beyond):

  • While holding the button closest to the LED's on the TS, connect it to a PS4 console. The LEDs should blink yellow, indicating a successful manual reset. Plug a Dualshock 4 controller into the TS to complete the reset cycle.

 Beaver Stick Updater


Firmware versions:

  • 1/16/2020 - 2.0.3.rc.5
  • 1/21/2020 - 2.0.3.rc.6 (current)