PS4 SmartPad Controller - FGC

Approx. ~3-5 Business Day Build Time

$ 239.99


-Smart Face Buttons

-Smart D-Pad

-Smart Triggers & Smart Bumpers


Tested and Approved by Champions.

SmartPad Face & D-Buttons: By converting the face & D-pad inputs to a digital click, maximize your reaction speed and hit those slide cancels like a pro.

Smart Triggers / Bumpers:  By converting the triggers / bumpers to a digital click, you can aim and shoot fractions of a second ahead of the competition. 

**The FGC edition of our SmartPad offers the ability to disable both thumbstick axis, preventing the issue of thumbstick drift developing over time. The L3/R3 inputs are still enabled, but no movement will occur.

Several iterations of what would become known as the SmartPad have floated in and out of our shop, each touching the hands of experts, world-class professionals, and champions, before we could be confident in announcing that we have created the ultimate gaming controller.

With unmatched speed and precision, the SmartPad sets itself apart from Fight Sticks and Mouse & Keyboard by perfecting digital-input methods and combining them into the all-in-one input system that millions of gamers are comfortable with.

The Face and D-Buttons have been converted to the same instant digital-input as our patented Smart Triggers, allowing the quickest gamers to take advantage of their reaction speed and out-play the rest.

The Smart Triggers and Smart Bumpers are installed for L2/R2 and L1/R1 respectively.

Another common modification sought after by professionals is the removal of the large-hand rumbles, which we offer free of charge. 

*Custom Buttons are different than stock buttons and may wiggle inside the controller due to this difference. Professionals have not noted this as an issue.


Smart Face & D-Buttons

Smart Triggers & Smart Bumpers

OPTIONAL: Disable Thumbstick Axis

Rumbles Included or Removed

Special estimated 8-12 Business Day lead time

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Tech Specs

Features: - SmartPad (Face Buttons + D-Pad) - Smart Triggers + Smart Bumpers - OPTIONAL: Disable Thumbstick Axis

Shipping & Returns

Our Guarantee

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