Pro Pick - PS4 MuTeX Edition

Estimated Build Time: 7-10 Business Days
Sale price$ 229.99 USD

This special edition PS4 controller has all of the same modifications that WarZone legend Charles "MuTeX" Saouma uses when he's frying the lobby. Equipped with x2 Medium positioned Rear Buttons and featuring MuTeX's signature colorways, you can try the same hybrid Claw style that MuTeX utilizes.

You can also upgrade the connection to USB Type-C to take advantage of newer hardware and charging times.


- x2 Medium Rear Left: X / Right: O = Standard Switches + Caps

- Smart Triggers Only

- Pink PS4 Thumbsticks

- Black Controller Shell

- Light Blue Face buttons + Dpad + PS Button,

- Pink Bumpers + Share & Option