DualSense SmartPad Controller - Claw

Estimated Build Time: 3-4 Weeks
Sale price$ 239.99 USD

Each Custom DualSense SmartPad comes with our Smart D-Pad and Smart Face Buttons, and our signature Smart Triggers and Bumpers. We have developed our performance modifications to work while retaining the "Haptic Feedback" VCM (rumble feature) so you can keep the functionality of the new dynamic response system, or they can be removed to drop a significant amount of weight for those looking for an experience similar to the DualShock 4.

**The Claw version of our SmartPad does not have our classic Rear Buttons installed.

***Adaptive Triggers are disabled with Smart Triggers***

Sony DualSense Controller Modifications:

Smart D-Pad & Smart Face Buttons
Smart Triggers & Smart Bumpers
"Haptic Feedback" VCM (optional)

30 Day Money-back Guarantee + 90 Day Standard Warranty

Color: Grey Camo
Button Color: Black