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Basic Pro - Gamecube Controller

Thumbstick Mechanism Type

These original Nintendo GameCube controllers have been modified to eliminate the problems many people have when playing games such as Super Smash Bros. Our professionally trained technicians tune these controllers to be the best performing versions of the originals. 

SnapBack Modification - helps eliminate snap-back in video games such as Super Smash Bros. This will help you turn-around laser and tap-jump more accurately.

Trigger Tuning - Both triggers maintain their stock function while we tune out any unintended friction, popping, or otherwise performance inhibiting characteristics. 

*Includes both horizontal and vertical snap back modifications*

*Includes professional trigger tuning on both the L and R*

*Includes our Tactile Z-Button upgrade*

**Due to our facility being unable to work due to "shelter-in-place" orders, we cannot estimate a processing time. Orders are fulfilled by order date, please click here for more details**