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Xbox One Extension Hub

This box is designed to relocate all of the main ports on your Xbox One. The unit is made of anodized aluminum and features 4 independently ran cables that are 3ft long. Saves damaging your box while cleaning up any gaming setup.

Each cable is separate to prevent any lag from your controller to the console. The USB 3.0 cables are made of 26 gauge braided internal wiring that maintains full 3.0 speeds. the Optical cable is made of thick premium internal optical cable to prevent any sound lag, and maintain a sturdy profile. 

- 3 x USB 3.0 ports ran to the existing 3 ports on the box
- 1 x Optical extension ran to the optical port on the box

The main benefit for this device is saving the abuse of plugging and unplugging devices from your actual console. We have seen many traveling pro gamers damage event and personal equipment by trying to reach around to the back of the Xbox and insert an Optical cable into a blind hole.

The biggest home use is to relocate your console from the desktop while still having access to all of your ports. Being able to plug and unplug from your home system when traveling without having to disturb your whole set-up.