Ultimate Pro - GameCube Controller

Estimated Build Time: Up to 5 Business Days
Sale price$ 133.00 USD

These original Nintendo GameCube controllers have been professionally modified to include performance options that will enhance shielding inputs in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate while maintaining functionality in all other games.
With one small mention that it cannot light shield since the slider movement is 0-100 instantly.

SnapBack Modification - helps eliminate snap-back in video games such as Super Smash Bros. This will help you turn-around laser and tap-jump more accurately. These modifications require you to reset the controller (X+Y+Start for 6s) each time it is plugged in.

Universal Trigger Modification - by modifying the slider connection to the board, you can shorten the travel distance of the triggers by using our Trigger Plugs for Smash Ultimate. The Universal trigger modification also allows the use of trigger plugs in games such as Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Party, etc.



*Includes both Horizontal and Vertical Snapback modifications*

*Includes Universal Trigger Modifications that activate both the Digital press and the slider simultaneously on both triggers with your choice of plug height*

*Both Trigger Springs are removed allowing the trigger to sit on the contact pad determined by the trigger plug height*

*Includes Tactile Z-Button Upgrade*

*30 Day Money-back Guarantee + 90 Day Standard Warranty*

**Current processing time is approx. 5 business days. Orders are fulfilled by order date.**