Summer Update 2022

Summer Update 2022 - Battle Beaver Customs

🌞 It's been a little hot this Summer...

While normally we try to get these updates out as the seasons turn, this unusually hot Summer has had our hands full. And while a few of our plans have had to shuffle around, we've been grateful with the ones we've been able to show so far. 


Battle Beaver x ATL FaZe 

If you missed it, a few months ago we happily announced our first officially sponsored professional Call of Duty League team, Atlanta FaZe. They recently concluded the 2022 season 2nd at Champs, but 1st in our hearts <3 

We've been huge fans and supporters of the players for years now, so being able to publicly support them means a lot for us. We have many big plans in store to continue celebrating our partnership, so keep your eye on our Twitter to stay informed.

Please check out our amazing players Arcitys, Simp, Cellium, and aBeZy


Slowly but Surely

While we have been able to chew through a record amount of orders so far, we continued to future-proof some of our processes and laying the foundation for what is to come. 

As ever, we remain extremely grateful for all the support and patience our customers have, and we are dedicated to delivering the best products in the industry. We have many more exciting products ready when the time is right. 


Loosey Goosey Reduce-y

Last month we released one of our more requested modifications, Reduced Thumbstick Tension. We've taken quite some time with the research and development of this modification, so we're relieved to be able to finally offer it. You can read more about our Reduced Tension here.

We strongly believe in putting forward the best product possible, and it is thanks to our Sponsored players such as Genburten (Apex Legends) and Repullze (WarZone) that helps us do that. Drop them a follow or catch a stream, these are some of the most influential and great professionals active today!


New Remapping Chip, Who Dis?

Probably not the most exciting update, but as a result of supply chain constraints, we have begun transitioning to a new Remapping Chip. The new chip will still function much like our previous chips, however with the new trigger remapping, we would like to quickly mention that the input to remap these buttons are:

PlayStation: (R1+R3) / (L1+L3) to remap to the (R2) / (L2) Triggers respectively.

Xbox: Left or Right respectively, (Bumper + Stick Click) to remap to the Trigger button.

Customers can expect a new Instructions card to be included when a Remap Chip is installed that will have short form instructions, as well as a QR code to our more detailed instructions. 

/all Support Chat 

As mentioned in a previous Update, we are levelling up our Customer Support tools to better serve and assist our customers. 

In the coming months, we will be adding Chat functionality, allowing customers quick and accessible support with our Team Members. Alternatively, you'll also have access to a variety of answers to commonly asked questions if contacting us after hours.

And just a small heads up in regards to our Customer Support team's availability. Our phone service will be paused starting on August 15th, 2022 as we switch over to a new phone provider. We will resume phone support when available.

Discontinuations and Shortages Cont.

As mentioned in our previous Updates, we continue saying good-bye to some more of our last-gen offerings. 

If you have a custom controller order with us currently, you may receive an email concerning possible substitutions or alternatives for parts that we are unable to secure. Additionally, due to global supply chains shortages, non-discontinued parts you have ordered may have been delayed.

Once again, we deeply apologize for the inconvenience this causes.

Thanks for reading!

As always, if you've made it all the way down here, thanks for taking the time to read this update. If you don't like waiting every few months for updates, just drop us a follow @BattleBeaver to get updates as they happen.

And if you enjoyed this update, let us know who your favorite graphic artists are who play games! We're looking for artists who are passionate about this industry that might be interested in working with us for future projects.

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