👻 It's Spooky Season 🔮

It's that time of year where the nights seem longer and the air grows colder... 

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year here at Battle Beaver, as the leaves start to turn and the weather begins to cool down, it's the perfect time to settle in with a nice game or two.

To help with that, we've recently released some new modifications for the DualSense controller and are gearing up for the holidays with faster build times!

We've got both Tricks and Treats for you in this update, so strap in and hold onto your candy bucket 


Build Time: 8-10 Weeks

We're happy to report that our production efforts have payed off and we've officially lowered our build times by several weeks! In the past few months we've been able to clear more than 30% of our open orders, and with new production processes, we're building controllers quicker than ever.

We have also recently increased the quantity of Beaver Boosts that are available each day. If you are interested in this please note that they are still first come, first serve, and they are still selling out quickly.

We are expecting our build times to continue to lower as we near the launch of anticipated games this season and the holidays, so place your order soon if you've made plans for them!

New DualSense SmartPad

One of our most popular modifications to the PS4 controller has been updated, our PS5 DualSense SmartPad modifications are now available on our Custom Builder! Converting the D-Pad and Face Button inputs to our signature Smart inputs, this modification allows for crispy feedback and more precise inputs than the originals.

Visit our Custom DualSense Builder today!

If you're in a rush, we will be making Quick Picks with these modifications that will have a much quicker processing and ship time.

Dualsense SmartPad Quick Picks will be made available on October 10th, with a limited quantity being refreshed every day at 10am CST.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday Plans

For those wondering about what Black Friday deals we may have, you'll have to wait just a bit longer! We will certainly be having sales and goodies available, but we're just finalizing some details before officially announcing anything. 

We'll have more news to share on November 4th.

Discontinuations and Shortages Cont.

As mentioned in our previous Updates, we continue saying good-bye to some more of our last-gen offerings. 

If you have a custom controller order with us currently, you may receive an email concerning possible substitutions or alternatives for parts that we are unable to secure. Additionally, due to global supply chains shortages, non-discontinued parts you have ordered may have been delayed.

Once again, we deeply apologize for the inconvenience this causes.

Thanks for reading!

As always, if you've made it all the way down here, thanks for taking the time to read this update. If you don't like waiting every few months for updates, just drop us a follow @BattleBeaver to get updates as they happen.

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