Fall Update 2023

Fall Update 2023 - Battle Beaver Customs

🧛 Back from the Dead 👻

It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these but we wanted to poke our heads out and give an update on a few things as we dive into Spooky Season and the Holidays.

We have an update from the owner about our holiday build times, Christmas deadlines, a new shipping insurance option for customers, a brief rundown on our build times, and reminders on ready-to-go Prebuilt and Refurbished controllers and our Trade-In program.

It’s a monster mash of an update, so let’s get started 🧟

  A brief message from Chris, owner of Battle Beaver:

The Holidays seem to come earlier every year, and as we continue to serve both new and returning customers, we would like to update customers on how the holiday season is currently affecting our wait times.
We have recently increased our production estimates for the holiday season up to six weeks, and have begun overtime scheduling to address current delays. 
Nearing the release of the latest Call of Duty title, our order volume has unexpectedly surged and resulted in us moving to our Holiday Production estimates earlier than anticipated. We promise to keep these delays and longer wait periods as minimal as possible, and appreciate your support and understanding.


Ho, Ho, Home for the Holidays

 At our current projections, we are comfortable committing to having Boosted orders placed by December 13th guaranteed to ship in time for Christmas. This date may change as we get closer to the holidays but we know people like to plan so we wanted to get this information out as soon as we could estimate.

While there can still be shipping exceptions and errors, we believe this date should allow us the time to ensure that every controller with expedited build time meets the shipping deadlines of our carriers.


OrderProtection Enabled

We’ve partnered with the fantastic team at OrderProtection to give our customers the option to add coverage and ship-surance to their orders at an affordable rate.

This protection is available on your cart page for all orders, follow the link to learn more:


Production Lingo and Expectations

As we come into the Holidays and continue to serve both new and returning customers, we would like to remind our community how the holiday season can affect our wait times and what to expect after placing an order.

While we may give our best approximations at when orders may be fulfilled, it is important to understand that we build and fulfill all orders based on when they are received as quickly as we can. Due to the bespoke nature of our business and how that can affect how quickly a controller may be built, we know that our wait times can vary depending on our current order volume.

The processing time, build time, and shipping time are all different timetables for which orders are fulfilled that make up the total ‘wait time’ for our orders:

  • Processing time is when we are printing and physically confirming orders that have been placed.
  • Build time is for when a controller is actually being built from start to finish, and includes quality assurances and packaging. This period also includes the ‘queue time’ that an order spends waiting for its turn in production, often the lengthiest portion of the wait.
  • Shipping time refers to the length of time after a carrier has picked up the order and delivers it to your door, with services chosen at checkout.

 And last but not least, please keep in mind that once an order is boosted (expedited build time), our administrative team will not be able to make any changes to the order or shipping details as the order enters a separate production line for immediate building and fulfillment.

Ready for Immediate Deployment

During the Holidays we know time can be of the essence, so if you’re looking for any quick presents or just see something that catches your eye and don’t want to wait, we have a wide assortment of pre-built and refurbished controllers available and ready to ship at any moment.



Recycle the Old, Bring in the New

Earlier this year as part of an initiative to bring back a much requested and beloved service, we are offering all customers the opportunity to Trade-In their customized controllers from our competitors in exchange for a stackable $50 Gift Card (1:1) towards new Battle Beaver purchases.



That’s all folks!

Thank you for all of the support this year, it has been an incredible last few months as we prepare for the long-awaited new Call of Duty and all of the other amazing games released soon.

We will have more information for this year’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales available closer to November, and there has been plenty of hubbub about new technologies and mechanisms recently so we are excited to share what we’ve been cooking with to serve up soon!

Be kind and remember, real gamers are nice to strangers <3

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