It's here! 

Due to popular demand, our Reduced Thumbstick Tension is now available on our PS4 and PS5 builders. 

In addition to our signature Increased and Extreme (now being called Heavy Tension), we have two levels of Reduced Thumbstick Tension available that we have been developing for the past few years with some of our close and trusted professionals. 

  • Light Tension - coming in at approximately -20% of the Stock Tension you would find on any controller out of the box, our Light Tension offers a nice 'lived-in' or 'broken-in' feeling that gamers know and love. Very similar to how a thumbstick will feel after being played with for many many hours, Light Tension offers all of that feeling without the wear and tear on components. 

  • Decreased Tension - at approximately -40% of Stock Tension on a plain controller, our Decreased Tension makes the thumbstick incredibly easy to move around in the controller. We've heard anecdotal experiences that this has reduced hand fatigue during longer gaming sessions, although be careful of not accidentally moving your sticks!

We've spent a long time fine-tuning these particular modifications to be made available to the general public, so thank you to all of those who have waited patiently.

We strongly believe in putting forward the best product possible, and it is thanks to our Sponsored players such as Genburten (Apex Legends)Arcitys (Call of Duty), and Repullze (WarZone) that helps us do that. Drop them a follow or catch a stream, these are some of the most influential and great professionals active today <3