🍀 Feelin' Lucky? 🍀

As we roll into 2022 we've got a lot of great things happening around the office, and even better ones planned throughout the year <3


Coming in like a Wrecking Ball

We've been making outstanding progress with our new technicians and production processes, and have been lowering our build time steadily each week. We were able to smash through the aforementioned Wall(tm) and have been chomping through orders like... well, like a Beaver.

At the time of this writing, we've been outpacing our previous projections and are looking forward to a terrific Summer with some of our lowest build times yet.

For our Xbox fans we have made the decision to hold off on the launch of our new Battle Beaver Xbox Series X SmartPad until we've reached that lower build time, so hang in there, we're going as quickly as we can!

Giving Back

As a thank you for your patience and the amazing support we've received during these times, we gave away a PlayStation 5 console and Battle Beaver DualSense on our Twitter!

If you've missed it, we have our new DualSense Quick Picks available, with inventory being added every day. And we have new PS5 and XSX Tactile Grip shells to help keep a handle on your gaming.

Moving Up and Moving Out

In the few short years since we've moved to the DFW area, we're already struggling to find room for everything. It will be a little longer before we officially start the moving process, but we wanted to let people know that we are making plans to have this limit it's impact on production as much as possible.

And with a bigger space that means we need to fill it with more technicians! So if you or someone you know are in the Dallas area, an application can be found here: https://indeedhi.re/3HTunRC

Tools of the Trade

As we continue to grow and evolve, we have levelled up our Customer Support tools to better serve and assist our customers. Later this week you'll find some changes to our Support links on our website, where you'll find a brand new Help Center to submit tickets and find answers.

We hope that the changes we are making will allow us to respond in a more timely manner, and provide an easily accessible database of information that customers can use to find answers.

Discontinuations and Shortages

As mentioned in our previous Updates, we continue saying good-bye to some more of our last-gen offerings. 

If you have a custom controller order with us currently, you may receive an email concerning possible substitutions or alternatives for parts that we are unable to secure. Additionally, due to global supply chains shortages, non-discontinued parts you have ordered may have been delayed.

Once again, we deeply apologize for the inconvenience this causes.

Thanks for reading!

As always, if you've made it all the way down here, thanks for taking the time to read this update. If you don't like waiting every few months for updates, just drop us a follow @BattleBeaver to get updates as they happen.

And if you enjoyed this update, let us know who your favorite graphic artists are who play games! We're looking for artists who are passionate about this industry that might be interested in working with us for future projects.