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'Cause neither do we. Gonna be a shorter update this time around, so we'll stick to the classic Good, Bad, and Ugly of Winter 2022.



The Good

Custom DualSense Controller Orders

We're actually in a pretty good spot considering everything that's going on right now (looking at you Omicron).

Our current production lines are focused on fulfilling the extensive amount of orders that were placed when we opened our DualSense Builders on Sept. 13th, aka 'The Wall (tm)'.

While we originally projected these orders to be fulfilled beginning of 2022, we are pleased to announce that these initial orders are already 70% fulfilled.

Once we're through the extraordinary amount of initial orders that we received, we're estimating that our new fully-trained technicians will result in some of the lowest build times we've had and set us up for a potential 3-4 week build time by the Summer.

Upcoming Cool Stuff 

Spring 2022 - Battle Beaver Xbox Series X SmartPad
April 1st, 2022 - AIMBOT (An Inspirational Mechanical Beaver Offering Truths)
Summer 2022 - [REDACTED]

Fall 2022 - [REDACTED]


The Bad

Production Estimates

As always, we've been all gas no brakes working hard to continue to lower build times.

However, between a historic Holiday Season, what has been referred to as "The Wall (tm)", and a certain unavoidable sickness, we've unfortunately added about a week or two to our delay from the holidays.

We're anticipating that if an order was placed right now that we'd reach and deliver it in March, so to provide the best estimates possible right now for our Custom Controllers, we've set our delivery estimates to be around "Spring 2022" (bumping it up from our previous 8-10 week estimate).

Those needing a controller sooner than that, our Quick Pick, Pre-Built, and Refurbished controllers offer a wide variety of modifications without the long wait times.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Quick Picks (Restock Soon)
PlayStation 4 DualShock Quick Picks 

Xbox Series X Quick Picks
Xbox One S Quick Picks

For transparency, the small hit production has taken is also due to training more and more technicians to build our new DualSense controllers. So while estimated lead-times for all controllers do seem a little much right now, we promise that these growing pains are necessary to set us up for a great Summer of fast build times.


The Ugly

Beaver Boost

We know that Beaver Boost has been as elusive to catch as the new consoles for some, so it pains us to pause them for a few weeks. 

Just so it's been said, we individually review each Boost that is purchased and can verify that there has not been any 'bot' usage at any point, and none have been used to secure Boost.

We stated early on that Boost was only going to be offered as long as doing so did not interfere with standard production queue lines, so unfortunately as we organize and set up for our new 2022 plans, we're putting a slight pause on this service.

Beaver Boost is estimated to return at 10/day on January 24th, 2022 @ 10am CST.

Once again however, if providing this service disrupts our standard production queues we may pause it again in the future.


Please wear your mask and stay safe.2021 was a weird, fantastic, dumpster fire of a year, but with your continued love and support, we're going to make 2022 a year to remember.

Thank you again to everyone who is on this crazy ride with us. Blue Heart on Google Android 12L