What is a Battle Beaver?

What is a Battle Beaver? - Battle Beaver Customs

The best in custom performance gaming equipment.

Battle Beaver has always been on the front lines of innovation, whether it be with our patented Smart Triggers or the newly unveiled all-tactile SmartPad controller, we have always been redefining what we performance modifications can offer to the gaming community.

At the time of this writing, we have several products and modifications that set us apart from the other "custom" controller companies in the industry:


Smart Triggers & Bumpers:

Often imitated but never replicated, our Smart Triggers and Bumpers offer instant activation to truly unleash your gaming potential.

Initially developed for First-Person Shooting games, this modification replaces the original analog input of the trigger with the same digital micro-switch you would find in high-end gaming mice. It's instant 0-100% input will give you the advantage in battle and enable you to react faster than your enemy ever could.


Rear Buttons:

As games grow more complex and offer faster-paced experiences, it can be difficult to keep up using the limited inputs offered. We certainly weren't the first company to do it, adding additional inputs to the back of the controller is not a new type of modification. 

What sets us apart however, are the ergonomic placements and premium switches used for our Rear Buttons. Offering the widest variety of available rear button positions than any other company, you can find the perfect combination that will work best for you. 

We believe a "custom" controller should be 100% unique to the person using, you shouldn't be forced to change how you would hold a controller just because another company might be too lazy to offer something that's not cookie-cutter. That's why all of our Rear Buttons are hand-drilled and installed when the order is in production rather than mass-producing generic placements that may not work for you.


Thumbstick Tension:

Another innovative modification that other companies haven't been able to crack the code on is our patented Thumbstick Tension.

By replacing internal components of the thumbstick mechanism, the force necessary to move the thumbstick around is increased. We have two tension levels available, our most popular 110g "Increased" tension or our more intense 160g "Extreme" tension. 

The biggest advantage that increased tension has to offer is that it will boost your thumbstick accuracy by giving you more control over the stick. Having more control of the thumbstick will cause your shots to become more precise and ultimately increase your accuracy. After getting use to the extra force, gamers are typically able to raise their sensitivity settings while still maintaining thumbstick control for those longer range engagements.


True Customization:

A lot of other companies will say that they offer a "custom" controller, but true customization is more than just replacing some colors on a controller. 

Customers can upload their own images to be created into buttons for all of the custom controllers that we offer, making each controller one-of-a-kind and truly unique. 

Customers can also contact us for additional customizations that may be required to better serve their needs. Our goal is to help overcome certain barriers that exist with traditional video game peripherals by offering unique solutions to make gaming more accessible.


PS4 D-Buttons:

Popular with fighting game enthusiasts, our D-Button modification replace the stock plastic D-Pad of the DualShock 4 controller with four separate solid buttons.

By separating the plastics components of the D-pad, accidental presses of other directions are nearly eliminated, while also increasing the quality of the button press. 


Smart Face-Buttons & D-Buttons (a.k.a SmartPad):

As the ultimate gaming controller, the SmartPad was developed with world champions and experts to bridge the gap between other gaming peripherals like Mouse & Keyboard and Fight Sticks.

Applying our signature Smart Trigger technology to nearly every input on the DualShock 4 controller, the Smart Face-Buttons and D-Buttons are perfect for any Claw player or Fighting game enthusiast.


We have plenty more modifications planned for the next generation of gaming, keep an eye our Twitter to know when new products and modifications are announced. 

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