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Stock Gamecube Controller


Increase your Smash potential with two of the most coveted Gamecube Controllers on the market. 


Both of these controllers were originally only available for purchase in Japan, and are widely used by professionals in both Melee and Ultimate


Thumbstick Mechs:
Plastic Thumbstick Mech (T3 Stickbox) - Less prone to wear and tear, lasts longer than metal mechs (T1 &T2 Stickboxes) 

Metal Thumbstick Mech (T1 & T2 Stickboxes) - from an older generation Gamecube Controller, so it has slightly more wiggle room than a Plastic Mech (T3 Stickbox)


*All controllers have been cleaned and tested for functionality by our highly trained technicians, and come with a 30-day warranty covering any functional issues out of the box*

*White Controllers are only available with the Plastic Mech*


If you would like to customize these controllers please check out our
Gamecube Controller Builder