Custom Xbox One Controller Shells- MV-X1-002
$ 12,375.00
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Our Guarantee

- Custom labeling on Xbox One S housing parts
- Faceplate, Rear Shell, Side caps, and Battery cover all painted in Pantone 7527-C
- Custom labeling on all parts of the controller
- Labeling break-down
Left Thumbstick  - Zoom in  Zoom out   
Left Thumbstick - Single click Auto Focus, Double Click Auto Gain
Right Thumbstick – Steer
Right Thumbstick - Single Click - Forward, Double Click – Slow 
D-Pad - Up/ Down (Gain) Left/Right (Focus) 
View - Disable / Enable Control (Hold 1 sec)
Menu - Activate / Deactivate Menu 
View + Menu - Calibrate IR (Hold 1 second) 
LB - Arm / Disarm LRF (Hold 1 second) 
RB - Arm / Disarm Illuminator (Hold 1 second)
LT - Fire LRF (hold 1 second) 
RT - Fire Illuminator 
A - Prev Mode 
B - Next Mode 
X - Hold (GEO)

Y - White/Black
X + Y - Auto Scan 
Home Button - (nothing)

- Shipping to our facility from the manufacture
- Customer to Provide Laser Caution Labels for the battery compartment

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