DIY Reduced Tension for Xbox and Astro C40

DIY Reduced Tension for Xbox and Astro C40 - Battle Beaver Customs
Reduced Tension parts are now here!

We are happy to announce that we are offering DIY parts of our popular Reduced Tension for the Xbox and Astro C40 controllers. These mechanisms and modules will allow anyone to modify and repair their controllers at home with these customized replacement components. Now available as DIY:

  • Stock -  is the same tension that comes with the C40 controller. Can be used as a repair replacement.

  • Light Tension -  At approximately 20% less Force than Stock Tension you would find on any controller out of the box, our Light Tension offers a nice 'lived-in' or 'broken-in' feeling that gamers know and love. Very similar to how a thumbstick will feel after being played with for many many hours, Light Tension offers all of that feeling without the wear and tear on components. 
  • Decreased Tension - At approximately 40% less Force than Stock Tension on a plain controller, our Decreased Tension makes the thumbstick incredibly easy to move around in the controller. We've heard anecdotal experiences that this has reduced hand fatigue during longer gaming sessions, although be careful of not accidentally moving your sticks!

  • Increased Tension - Approximately 75% more Force than Stock Tension. Recommended for FPS games, allows for a higher sensitivity while maintaining accuracy.

  • Heavy (Extreme) Tension - Approximately 150% more Force than Stock Tension. Recommended for use with Thumbstick Toppers such as KontrolFreek, etc. Heavy Tension will result in the Stick Click (L3) requiring more force to activate.

We are still working on making these modifications available for PlayStation, but we hope to have them available soon. Thank you once again to all of those who have waited patiently.

The new Light Tension and Decreased Tension Modules for the Astro C40 controller can be found here:


And here for Xbox:


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