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Dualshock 4 Replacement Thumbstick Mechanism


x1 Sony Dualshock 4 replacement Thumbstick Mechanism.

Be aware, when controllers are built new from Sony, the X and Y-axis values are calibrated to the specific board they are initially installed on. Installing these sticks on a different board could cause your values to change by an undetermined amount, we are not liable for any issues caused by the re-installation of this hardware.

We recommend the use of a computer aided program such as a CronusMax, or other controller software to view your value offsets. Furthermore, we suggest placing the potentiometers from the original mechanism on the newer ones, and ensuring that the mechanism is as flat as possible on the board when installing.

Available with stock tension or increased tension at 110 grams and 160 grams of force. If you order increased or extreme tension, you will notice there is a yellow switch inside the mechanism, rather than the black one that is normally on stock mechanisms. This is for your stick click, and we have found these to perform better on higher tension mechs than the black switch. 

Replacements will correct issues with stick drift, broken plastic retainers, and slow turn in most cases. If you are uncertain about the repair, please consult us for a mail in order. All mail-ins go through a pre-test, repair, and double post-test process for proper calibration. 

 All replacement parts are sold "as is" and are non-refundable.