Brand Synergies

Introducing our new to pre-load discount codes and track referral source traffic. The link will pre-load your discount code directly to the cart, trigger-off seasonal marketing campaigns such as email/text sign-ups, and track users dynamically from referral sources.

Below are great community examples of professionals promoting their partnership with Battle Beaver.

Overall goal: Build awareness by utilizing active and passive social sources to implement the preloaded referral link.

Social Media Bio

- The best passive promotion on social media is any combination of tagging Battle Beaver directly, utilizing the link, and displaying your discount code details in relevant social media bio locations.

Social Media Banners

- Include Battle Beaver media assets in social banners and backgrounds.
- Also a clean look for offline or break screens on stream.

Pinning your Announcement

A pinned tweet or featured video with your link and discount code information has proven to be one of highest drivers of referral traffic.

Stream building

Stream Card Link

Stream card linked to the custom

Stream Logo Overlay

Battle Beaver logo or code loaded into stream overlay rotations

Chat Bot Commands

Great place to load the hyperlink and add a short description with the code and percent

Stream Title with bot commands

Great opportunity to showcase a custom chat bot command in your stream title to encourage viewers to use the command.

stream commands

Controller Specs in Stream Descriptions

- Stream commands that display your controller specifications and link.

Examples: !controller !battlebeaver !bb !showmeyourbeaver

Showcase the Controller Builder on Stream / Build side-by-side with Your Community

- Walk through the process of building a controller with your viewers while explaining options and answering questions. Utilize the link to generate traffic and engage with the builder at the same time as your community.


Whether showcase your personal settings and preferences or uploading viral montages here are some examples of players integrating Battle Beaver to their videos.

Videos about Controller and game settings

Share useful tips and tricks along with personal testimonials behind how and why you prefer a Battle Beaver

Temporary Video overlay

Showcase the Battle Beaver brand assets along with your discount code or link in the description.

Description Link

Preferred placement for the , controller configurations, discount code, or other important settings information.

Social Media Callbacks

Great idea to have callbacks to other important social media sites to aid in organic search and discovery through youtube's algorithm.

Animated Overlay

Unique animated overlay of a box that simulated code "Repullze" being typed in a window

Preloaded Link

Custom discount link preloading code "Repullze" and tracking traffic as a youtube referral

Approved Product and Gift Card Giveaways

- Must be coordinated with our Partnerships team; retweet, tag, follow, etc. formats.
Typically follows a format of:
- Planned pictures / video for attention
- Why the giveaway is happening
- What is being given
- Tagging @BattleBeaver or other parties
- How to enter
- When the winner is drawn

Casual Guerilla Promotion in Unexpected Places

- A good example of this that we have seen is a sponsored player (shoutouts to Neal) displaying their in-game handle as: [ Code “Sweat” on BattleBeaver ]

Several examples of Battle Beaver controller cases next to monitors at events, backgrounds of streams, featured in promotional footage.

- Helps tie the personal usage of our products to the professional as a genuine part of their daily routine.

Battle Beaver

Assets & Style Guide

Download our logo, and check out our brand guidelines to ensure proper asset usage