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Small Personalized Nameplate


Using the latest and greatest in laser-cutting technology, we are now proud to offer Personalized Nameplates!

You can customize a small nameplate with your online username, gamertag, or other personalized text! Our support team will ensure that your custom text will look the best it can possibly be, resizing or rearranging if necessary.

Each nameplate measures approx. 2.75 inby 1.375 in and are etched in-house at our Dallas location.

Must be purchased with a controller case:      XB1       PS4       NGC

Nameplates will have anchor-holes set in each corner allowing it to be attached to various materials.

**We will attach nameplates to existing cases free-of-charge at the events we travel to. The next upcoming event is: TBA

Rules for Submission:

  • No profanity or vulgar language.
  • Nameplates will use text as provided, no changes will be made.
  • If a submission is deemed inappropriate, we may cancel the order.

*Controller Not Included*