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As we revolutionized the performance gaming controller industry in 2015 with our Smart Triggers, we knew we had much more to offer gamers than simply shooting faster. As competitive games evolve, the gamers that put their livelihoods on the line must evolve with them. We believed that the ultimate gaming  controller would not only allow you to excel in First-Person Shooting games, but also offer advantages in other genres such as Fighting games. So when we set about creating the ultimate gaming controller, we first had to identify what the preferred alternatives were to a console controller, or "pad" as the fighting game community calls them, and why people believed they were better. 

The two most-popular gaming input alternatives we identified were the timeless Mouse & Keyboard (MnK) and the classic arcade Fight Stick. The obvious hurdles we had been able to clear right away, both MnK and Fight Sticks had more buttons so you could press inputs faster than you were able to on a controller. By adding the our signature ergonomic rear buttons to the controller, most necessary inputs were available to each finger, similar to a Fight Stick and better than before when compared to using a keyboard. Now the only problem to solve was the speed of those inputs, as both MnK and Fight Sticks use tactile switch input methods compared to the rubber contact pad input of traditional controllers. Armed with the knowledge gained from converting the analog input to a digital micro-switch with our renowned Smart Triggers, we set to work converting the "squishy-ness" of the controller face buttons and D-pad to a much more satisfying and faster digital input by doing what we do best: Innovating.

It was March 2018 when the first complete prototype was sent to undisputed fighting game legend SonicFox. With the initial feedback we received, we spent the next year refining the processes that go into creating the controller that could unleash the true potential of any gamer. After perfecting the modifications that would suit the fighting game community, we knew that we would have to test it in the most demanding competitive console shooter around. By July 2019, we invited several Call of Duty professionals to our new home in Dallas to preview the controller and other projects to gather more feedback. With a newfound interest from claw players, we knew that we had created a controller that would cater to gamers beyond just fighting games and shooters.

Several iterations of what would become known as the SmartPad have floated in and out of our shop, each touching the hands of experts, world-class professionals, and champions, before we could be confident in announcing that we have created the ultimate gaming controller.

With unmatched speed and precision, the SmartPad sets itself apart from Fight Sticks and Mouse & Keyboard by perfecting digital-input methods and combining them into the all-in-one input system that millions of gamers are comfortable with.

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