COVID-19 UPDATE: 10/02/20

By Ivan Chau Oct 02, 20


September was kind of a crazy month for us, so many apologies to those who have been waiting for another update!

In order to get all of the things ready that launched earlier this week we had to really knuckle down sort it out. The beautiful people on our support team that made all of this happen hope that you enjoy what they've been working on and ask that you let us know if there are any bugs that need squashed (the cart black text will hopefully be resolved soon)!

If you haven't noticed already, we've got a brand new logo and a website to boot! We also released two new products that have been in testing (some longer than others) that are available on our builders, you can find more information about them here:


Beginning earlier this week on Monday September 28th, we officially re-opened our send-in services for controller repairs and upgrades that are not under warranty. We put in place some additional rules and policies to ensure that we'll be as safe as possible when receiving the anticipated influx of packages, but rest assured that our main focus will always be "safety first". If you have a controller that needs repairs, please head over to our send-in page here:

We have a lot more planned for this year and we're excited to share it with you! 

To end on a more somber note, as we have seen from earlier today, it is still important that we all follow the very necessary health procedures like social distancing and cleanliness so that everyone can stay safe and healthy. 

Until next time,

Continue to wash your hands, continue to wear a mask, and please remember to vote <3

Written by Ivan Chau