Battle Beaver Database

Help Center / F.A.Q

General Questions

How do I know Battle Beaver Customs is a legitimate business?

What is a Battle Beaver and Why should I buy one?

What is the lifespan of a Battle Beaver?

Are your controllers tournament approved?

Are your controllers third-party?

Where can I get one of your controllers?

I can't find certain options while Blueprinting my controller, are they still available?

What is Beaver Boost?

Order Status

Can I have a copy of my order please?

What is the status of my order?

Can I change or cancel my order?

My tracking hasn't been updated, what do I do?

I still haven't gotten my order, where is it?

I think I received the wrong controller?

Battle Beaver Modifications

What are Rear Buttons?

Why are Rear Buttons better than Paddles?

What makes your Rear Buttons better than others?

How does your Remapping Chip work?

What is your Increased Tension and what does it do?

What are Smart Triggers / Bumpers?

What makes them so "smart"?

What are Racer Triggers?

Shipping Information

How do you ship your products?

Do you ship Internationally?

How fast is your shipping?

Are there VAT, GST, customs, or duty fees?

Do I have to pay an import tax?

Billing Information

What payment methods do you accept?

How do I use my Gift Card or Discount Code?

Will I have to pay taxes on your products?

I keep receiving an error when trying to check out?

Help! I was charged twice for my order?!

Returns & Warranty Policy

What is your 30-day money back guarantee?

What is the Battle Beaver Promise?

What is your warranty policy?

What is your return policy?

Upgrades and Repairs

What controllers can you Upgrade / Repair?

Wait, do you really repair "X" Company's controllers?!

Can I send in my own controller to be Upgraded or Repaired?

I have a BBC but I am out of the warranty period, what will repairs cost?

I recently sent a controller in, do I have an order number?

Product Information

How durable are your cases?

Are your USB cables good quality?

What is Squid Grip™ and can it be removed?

Will Kontrol Freeks™ fit on your Xbox One and PS4 Thumbsticks?

Will Kontrol Freeks™ fit on your Domed Thumbsticks?

Troubleshooting F.A.Q's

My controller seems to be acting sporadic and seems to have trouble connecting to the console. What should I do?

What do I do if while playing online I can hear people talking but they can't hear me? Or visa versa?

What do I do if my face buttons seem to be sluggish or not responding or acting erratically?

What do I do if my controller is moving faster in one direction and slower in the other?

What do I do if my character is constantly looking or turning in one direction without any input?

What do I do if my buttons feel like they are sticking into the controller when I press them?

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