zCustom XBoxOne Controller

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A Custom XBoxOne Controller - Created on 02/19/2016

$ 134.99

Average rating 5.0 out of 5
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1 Review
Review posted about 1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5


I've had various scuf controllers and honestly got tired of their lack of care to their product. As soon as I got my BBC (don't think dirty!) In my hands, I instantly noticed the build was 100% better. I didn't do to much visually but internally, I had my rumbles removed, A button on the left hand, B button on the right hand, Smart triggers, Increased stick tension in my right stick to the highest the have available, and my goodness all of it is just so crisp. The button placement is so much easier to hit vs scufs paddles. Then, the crisp clicked feedback on them let's you know you just pushed a button. The smart triggers absolutely blows trigger stops out of the water. Think of a mouse click, for a trigger. My stick tension is also Amazing. It allowed me to raise my sensitivity in game. Going with the highest resistance though, I definitely recommend you play with a raised stick (control freek) for the leverage to make it easier to push and move. The click of the stick was noticeably harder to push, but after a few uses, I noticed the click is now easier (or I'm just used to it)

Long story short, for $100 less than a scuf, for a 100% better controller. Easily..hands down!

The build process for mine, and other orders around mine took a while, but the company themselves went through a huge change. I emailed them to question it, and got a response the same day, with what was happening. So, even though my controller to a while in the build. The fact …

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