zCustom PS4 Controller

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A Custom PS4 Controller - Created on 03/14/2016

$ 237.94

Average rating 5.0 out of 5
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1 Review
Review posted about 1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5

Great so far w/ a few nitpicks

I wanted to wait until I played with the controller for atleast a few weeks before just saying how good/bad the product is. First the main mods that I got with for my controller were: Smart triggers, increased tension (mimics xbox 360), remappable buttons, and 4 rear buttons. I never buy custom controllers so I figured I would just go all out and hope that it lasts for years. The smart triggers are amazing and they feel similar to a mouse click, which took awhile to get used to but worth it! The remappable buttons are easy to map and are easily adjusted during matches (this helped when I needed to switch a few buttons during a blops 3 match). The 4 rear buttons are clicky and require a descent amount of pressure, this makes it hard to accidentally engage them when not needed. The increased stick tension was something I did on a whim and at first I hated it. However, after a day or so I began to love it and with the kontrol freeks that I have on there (left stick medium and right stick high) the tension resembles the stock ps4 tension. Now for the small issues. The gap in behind the R2 and L2 triggers there is visible cut plastic where the smart triggers were installed, there is a gap on either side of the headphone port, on the back where you can visibly see the screws, on the upper right there is roughly cut plastic over the screw and my triangle button was shipped with small scratches on it. I will not mention the wait times because I already expected this when I ordered. …

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