zCustom PS4 Controller

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A Custom PS4 Controller - Created on 03/13/2016

$ 108.99

Average rating 2.0 out of 5
Based on 1 rating
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1 Review
Review posted about 1 year ago
Rated 2 out of 5

refusal for additional and not deliverying it on time (2 months of wait!)

i've order the controller on March the 13th, now it's May the 2nd

it took them a month +week to just ship it

and when i asked like a week before they shipped it for changes

they outright ignored me, and i haven't recived that free vinyl art thingy even though i asked them

it's ridiculess, they ignored most of my mails, and the 21 business days turned into 37, fucking absurd...

USPS took their cozy time with the controller, so after 50 days i finally held it

and what's it like? it's good.

but there is like a 0.8 second delay with the custom buttons

certainly not what i expected

and even though i'm aggrivated because of having less inputs (because all i did was ask if i could get another input and i would even pay for!)

the only thing that made this a 2 star review and not 1

is the fact that they upheld their promise of the Free-case for the controller

at least ONE thing they did right, the rest-bad

avoid at all costs.

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