zCustom PS4 Controller

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A Custom PS4 Controller - Created on 02/17/2016

$ 169.99

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1 Review
Review posted about 1 year ago
Rated 1 out of 5

Five weeks+ to get, broken on arrival

I ordered my ds4 controller from battle beaver on February 17, 2016(it was shipped on March 23rd). I received my controller on March 25th of 2016 in a non working state. It took five weeks to build and ship a unit that either was not working at creation or received damage in shipping. When I saw that the added buttons were not working I decided to disassemble the unit myself and found that a wire was not connected to a added button used for programming the controller, I repaired it and plugged the battery in also, because I did not want to have to wait a perceived additional five weeks for the unit to be repaired. The buttons that were added are not in the positions I requested, or I believe they are not, I ordered standard and ring finger placement, and they sit in just over two-fifths of an inch measuring from the outside of the caps. They did change out the sticks for gratis due to the delays. Return e-mails were moderately prompt (1-3 days), and they were apologetic for the troubles. However it will be a very, very cold day in a very hot place before I would ever recommend or reorder from them again. There would need to be some major reworks and assurances before I would do so. The research I did before purchase made it look like they wre the best bargan for the money, I believe they still can be, but, my expierence is that it may not be worth the trouble.

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