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A Custom PS4 Controller - Created on 05/27/2016

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Review posted 12 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5

Full build (Blueprint) custom PS4 controller

First off, let me start off by saying that the pricing of each upgrade is quite reasonable when viewing the total cost of the controller you have built in the blueprint tab compared to other controller sites that only provide cosmetic upgrades.

A month ago I purchased a custom build PS4 controller with both cosmetic and performance upgrades, it has been about a week since I received it and so far works like a dream. I choose the option of smart triggers to improve the experience of FPS and needless to say they are great, they remind me of my old PS2 controller and how quickly the response time from pressing L2 & R2 now are, compared to the traditional PS3/4 triggers. On top of that, the increased and extreme tension with domed PS3 thumbsticks feels much more ergonomic than the stock concave thumbsticks, but keep in mind the 165g tension requires more downward force to activate L3 &/or R3 depending on what stick has the increased/extreme tension. To counter this in close quarter combat or when the need arises to quickly use R3, I have two remappable rear buttons, the left one set to R3 and the right set to Triangle. The setup to duplicate the face buttons to the rear buttons is very simple and an instruction note is added with the controller with easy step by step layout, with a link to a visual demonstration or if you prefer, the option for static pre-selected rear buttons is available.

The Build team at BattleBeaverCustoms are also very flexible when it comes …

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