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Xbox Series X Refurbished Controller (234)

Xbox Series X Refurbished Controller (234)

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A Battle Beaver Customs Xbox Series X controller with the following modifications:

Model: QAT-00001 / 1914

Soft Halloween Faceplate
Stock Black Side Caps
Stock Black Rear Shell
Stock Black D-Pad, Menu/View, and AXBY Buttons
Stock Black Bumpers and Triggers
OEM Black Thumbsticks (Left & Right)
White Beaver Tail Rear Button Caps

One Rear Buttons (Standard Switches)
-RB1: High Position (Left = A)
Impulse Trigger Rumbles Enabled
Large Handle Rumbles Enabled
Stock Thumbstick Tension (Left) & Increased Thumbstick Tension (Right)
Smart Triggers (Left & Right)

**All refurbished/pre-built controllers come with a 30-day warranty and the customizations are final. No additional changes will be made to pre-built or refurbished controllers before shipment.**

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