SmartPad - MuTeX Edition

SmartPad - MuTeX Edition
SmartPad - MuTeX Edition
SmartPad - MuTeX Edition
SmartPad - MuTeX Edition
SmartPad - MuTeX Edition
$ 297.99


- SmartPad (Face Buttons + D-Pad)
- Custom MuTeX PS Button
- Stock Gold Faceplate

- Stock Gold Rearshell

- 2 Standard Rear Buttons

   > Medium placement (L:X / R:O)

- Smart Triggers + Smart Bumpers

- Z-Sticks (L/R)

- TouchPad button (Lower Right)

- Rumbles removed
*** Case
not included ***

* Appox. 8-12 Business Day Build Time *



This special edition SmartPad controller has all of the same modifications that WarZone legend Charles "MuTeX" Saouma uses when he's frying the lobby. His signature TouchPad button allows you to play however you like without the worry of accidentally activating your touchpad in the middle of a gunfight. And with the Medium positioned Rear Buttons, you can try the same hybrid Claw style that MuTeX utilizes.

With unmatched speed and precision, the SmartPad sets itself apart from Fight Sticks and Mouse & Keyboard by perfecting digital-input methods and combining them into the all-in-one input system that millions of gamers are comfortable with.

The Face and D-Buttons have been converted to the same instant digital-input as our patented Smart Triggers, allowing the quickest gamers to take advantage of their reaction speed and out-play the rest.

Our warranty covers any defect or malfunction resulting from the build process and does not cover issues caused by external heat, moisture, and/or physical damage that is observed within the warranty period. The warranty includes but is not limited to; non-registering buttons or smart modifications, stick drift, remapping issues, shell deformities, and/or D.O.A's. Warranties regarding mic and charging port issues caused by physical damage are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. On occasion, issues may be able to be resolved by the customer with guidance from our support staff that will not void warranty.