PS4 Rear Shells - HydroDip
$ 24.99
Money (1)
Brushed Steel (2)
Brushed Wood (3)
Blue Tiger (4)
Digital Camo (5)
Wood (6)
Carbon (7)
Red & Black Skulls (8)
Dragon Scales (9)
Red Bio Zombie (10)
Green Dark Skulls (11)
Red & Black Rip (12)
Green & Black Rip (13)
Blood Splatter (14)
Blue & Black Rip (15)
Sticker Bomb (16)
Green Skulls (17)
White Skulls (18)
COD Red Ghost (19)
COD White Ghost (20)
Black Splatter (21)
Grey Dragon (22)
Black & White Zombie (23)
Red Dragon (24)
Red Splatter (25)
Green Bio Zombie (39)
Shipping & Return
Our Guarantee
Various HydroDip designs for replacement shells for your PS4.


*Some trimming will be required*

Specifically made for the JDM-001 Main Board, will also directly fit on the JDM-011 and JDM-015. Will need significant modification to accommodate JDM-030 or JDM-040

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