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PS4 Faceplate Soft Touch Colors

SfT Red
SfT Purple
SfT Green
SfT Blue
SfT White
SfT Orange
SfT Black
SfT Neon Green
SfT Pink
SfT Silver
SfT Blue (Fade)
SfT Dark Pink (Fade)
SfT Green (Fade)
SfT Hot Pink (Fade)
SfT Orange (Fade)
SfT Purple (Fade)
SfT Red (Fade)

Various colors of faceplates for a Dualshock 4 controller, covered in a special Soft-Touch coating which gives the shell a nice velvet feel, while also making it incredibly scratch resistant 

*Some trimming may be required, as well as sanding the inside of the button holes, thumbsticks, etc.*


Specifically made for the JDM-001 Main Board, will also directly fit on the JDM-011 and JDM-015. Will need significant modification to accommodate JDM-030 or JDM-040