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PS4 Domed Thumbsticks

Solid Red
Solid Blue
Solid Yellow
Solid Pink
Solid Purple
Solid Orange
Translucent Blue
Translucent Red
Translucent Green
Translucent Yellow
Solid Black
Solid White
Solid Green
Translucent Clear
Solid Light Blue
Solid Forest Green
Translucent Black

-Direct replacement thumbsticks for the PS4 DS4 controller. They are shaped like a Playstation with a domed top, but utilize about 5 different dimensions that make them unique.
-They are about 1mm thinner in the mid section giving 14% greater range of motion and allowing the PODs to sent out a higher value.
-Cheap knock offs and stock PS3 sticks will limit your range of motion by 12% (26% difference) and will result in Slow Turn because the PODs cannot transmit the proper values. 

2x - Custom Convex Thumbsticks 


Don't forget to grab any needed tools to open and upgrade your controller HERE!