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Pro Pick - Xbox One S Controller

Microsoft Black
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Microsoft Grey / Blue
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A Battle Beaver Controller is identified by three things: our ergonomic button placements, and our patent-pending Increased Tension, and Smart Triggers. Each Battle Beaver carries a life-time warranty for all of these things, which will be repaired at minimal charge for the original owner. 

Rear Buttons: Each of these buttons replicate an input found on the controller, most often the "face buttons", A, B, X, and Y

Increased Tension:(not included in this build)This modification makes the thumb sticks harder to move, enhancing your head-tracking ability while maintaining your current sensitivity.

Smart Triggers: By converting the triggers to a digital click, you can aim and shoot fractions of a second ahead of the competition. 


The latest offering of Xbox Quick Pick Beavers, is variation of our controller. Features our signature Rear-Buttons, Smart Triggers, and upgraded bumpers. 
Numerous professional players from Halo to Apex Legends have depended on our superior bumper switches and smart bumpers as common additions to their normal 2 button builds. 

The rear buttons for these controllers are placed in the Primary Standard position, offering two different sets of assignments in the form of A - B, and B - A. Another common modification sought after by professionals is the removal of the large-hand rumbles, which we offer free of charge. 



   2 Rear Buttons - Primary Standard position 

   Smart Triggers

   Upgraded Bumper Switches

   Battle Beaver Customs Home Button

   Rumbles Included or Removed

   30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


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