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Our first pre-built dedicated to FORTNITE, this controller comes equipped with:

  • 4 rear buttons (standard, low)

  • smart triggers

  • smart bumpers

  • remapping chip.

These are our most popular options for FORTNITE, with each modification helping you unleash your gaming potential.

By using our rear buttons you'll be able to switch between weapons and building pieces without having to move your fingers off the triggers. With our Remap Chip you'll be able to re-assign any of these buttons on the fly to the controls of your choice (click the control screen for layouts). If you're still wanting to use L1/R1 for switching, our Smart Bumpers will input quicker for building and let you use those rear buttons for jumping or crouching. Finding yourself on the wrong end of dueling? With our Smart Triggers you'll be able to pull off the opening shot quicker.

These are just a few options we see players using to survive the storm longer. For more performance modifications, aesthetics, and accessories, visit our Pro Controller Builder to see all we have to offer!

 FORTNITE pre-builts are set on a Standard Build Time, if you're needing to boost your controller please build one similar on our pro builder.