BBC PS4 FGC SmartPad

The revolutionary new pad designed for fighting games, as endorsed by Multi-Game World Champion Sonic Fox



  • Smart D-Pad
  • Smart Buttons
  • Smart Triggers
  • Smart Bumpers


Specifically designed with the Fighting Game Community in mind, our new SmartPad was created to solve unintended directional inputs for pad players. Our new Smart D-Pad treats each direction as deliberately as an arcade stick would and gives a singular tactile input for each press. Extending this philosophy to the other aspects of the controller our Smart Buttons give each attack input a satisfyingly crisp click. We hope our new SmartPad helps newcomers and veterans alike with an alternative to professional grade arcade sticks.


 SmartPad controllers are set on a Pre-Purchase Build Time, meaning we will begin production of these controllers once our technicians have been trained to build and test them.



$ 1,000,000.00