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BBC PS4 Controller - Smart Pad

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The revolutionary new pad designed for fighting games, as endorsed by Multi-Game World Champion Sonic Fox 


  • Smart D-Buttons - SLA Resin Printed
  • Smart Buttons - SLA Resin Printed
  • Smart Triggers
  • Smart Bumpers

      Specifically designed with the Fighting Game Community in mind, our new Smart Pad was created to bridge the gap between traditional Fight Sticks and Console Pads. The Smart D-Buttons solve unintended directional inputs for pad players by treating each direction as deliberately as an arcade stick would and gives a singular tactile input for each press. Extending this philosophy to the other aspects of the controller, our Smart Buttons give each attack input a satisfyingly crisp click that Fight Stick users will be jealous of. Rounding out the rest of the buttons, we added our signature Smart Triggers and Bumpers to give the ultimate advantage in every aspect of the controller.

We hope our new Smart Pad helps newcomers and veterans alike with an alternative to professional grade arcade sticks.


Smart Pad controllers will be first offered as a Pre-Order for Beta Testing.

As a Beta Tester of this controller, the first production run may not be the same controller that you would receive six months from now. We may request for your feedback on this controller as we continue to develop this product.

They will be set as a Limited Quantity Product, meaning we will begin the first production run of these controllers on a "first-come, first-serve" basis, and will periodically update the quantity of the product as resources and time allow. 

The "Build Time" of these controllers will be *AS TIME ALLOWS*, meaning that there is no set build time. There is a chance you could have to wait up to 20 Business Days before the controller will be built and shipped. As we are able to train more technicians to build these unique controllers, build time will be expected to decrease.

In the future, we hope to provide a 5 - 10 Business Day build time.