BBC's in The     (Big)    House  !

Join us Oct. 4 -6 in Detroit, MI for the Ninth Annual Big House! The Battle Beaver Road Crew will be there in full force to cater all of your controller needs. We're bringing ALL our custom buttons, with some you can only get at events! Inventory is 1st come, 1st served so get yours before we're out!

The Beaver Booth will be (tentatively) open from 11am to 10pm EST starting Oct. 4th until the event concludes the evening of Oct. 6th. Please be aware however that we are expecting to receive many orders, so we're planning on having new orders cut-off on Saturday at 7pm EST. This of course is all tentative, and depending on demand we may need to institute our cut-off earlier or extending it later if we are able to.  For the first time ever we will also be handling our pre-event preparations a little differently this year by introducing a pre-order system!

Pre-Order & Event Pick-Up

This year we're trying out a new Pre-Order system so that anyone attending the event can skip the line and browse our online store to purchase anything we're bringing to Big House before our booth is up and running. This will allow us to not only plan our inventory more efficiently, but also give you the chance to put your name on a sweet set of buttons before someone else can.

We now have an "Event Only" section of of our store where you can browse a collection of products that can be picked up at our event booth.  We have some hot merch available as well as a wide selection of our part sets. Also featured for Pre-Order will be our elusive Limited Edition buttons! Grab these while you can because they won't ever be made again!

When at check-out, just choose the "Pick-Up" option and we'll have your order ready when our booth opens on Friday.

Honestly a pretty great feeling shirt.
Soft Tri-Blend Goodness

Represent your favorite controller company with this super soft t-shirt (Unisex & Women's available)

Premium Button Sets

The best resin-cast buttons in the business, at the best prices. Skip the line and install these buttons yourself!

Only a few sets are made of each kind

Limited Edition Buttons

Reserve yours now before they're gone!

Event Services

A preview of the work we'll be doing at Big House, we'll have our most popular performance modifications applied right before your eyes!  Also available will be plenty of unique controllers for sale, if you add some of our Premium Buttons you can go for a 1-of-a-kind look.  And don't forget our coveted Custom Buttons that you can only get at events, these are extremely limited so make sure to secure yours as early as possible!

Feel free to plan accordingly and get to our booth as soon as you can. Make sure to bring an extra controller, you'll need to leave yours with us while we work on it. Once your order is ready to be picked up you'll receive a text message detailing what bin your order will be in. Just visit the front of booth and a staff Beaver will help retrieve your order with haste!

Raffle Controller

A staple of our event booth, we will have a controller only obtainable through our $1 raffle! All throughout the weekend we will have tickets available for purchase for just one dollar. At the end of the event on Sunday, we will draw the winner and announce them on our Twitter.  Our Raffle controller will have custom parts unique only to it, we usually will never sell anything like it again. 

For Big House 9 particularly, our raffle controller will be fully spec'ed out for both Melee AND Ultimate. 

Stop by our booth and check it out, for only $1 it can be yours!

Can't make it to the Event?

We have a brand new Nintendo GameCube controller builder live right now! This new builder features unique controllers, as well as the new option to choose your own color cable end. We're taking controller customization to the max with this new builder, so take advantage and don't miss out on the rare items we have in stock!