Summer Update

We Made it!

First and foremost, thank you to all of our fans and supporters for sticking with us this past year and a half, we truly could not have made it without you!

After thousands of hours, late nights, and weekends we have finally, finally, FINALLY broken the delay that has haunted us since the beginning of 2016. As we've been bringing our orders under control, we've slowly been offering our signature services once more and even offering some new ones. Now that we are back on track, you can bet your boots that we'll be bringing exciting new modifications and products to the community later this year!

Boost is Back!

Are you looking for the perfect custom controller to give as a gift? Do you have an approaching tournament and want the competitive edge? After more than a year of bad luck and delays, we're finally in a position to offer Beaver Boost again! Our boosting service gives customers the option to pay an additional fee to have their order bypass our normal build queue to have their order fulfilled in approximately two business days. The boosting service is now available on all of our controller builders!

Send-In Controllers

Due to popular demand, we've brought back our Send-In Services  with even more options!  We are still repairing older generation controllers and have added some GameCube controller options with more to come.  There are five different send-in forms available for the community, select one to learn more: 

Stock Upgrade

To add modifications to stock controllers

Stock Repair

To repair stock controllers

BBC Repair Form

Only for Battle Beavers

CC Form

For competitor's controllers

Help Please

For dead controllers, help is here!

Basic Beaver Collection

Smart Triggers

Thumbstick Tension

Rear Two-Buttons

A Battle Beaver Controller is identified by three things: our ergonomic button placements, and our patent-pending Increased Tension, and Smart Triggers. We recently introduced our Basic Beaver Collection, three controllers for Xbox One and PS4 that feature each of our signature modifications. These controllers are automatically boosted and are a great way to get performance modifications fast and on a budget. We currently only have our Rear-Button Controller available, but we will be adding to the Collection soon. Keep an eye on our Twitter for when they are announced!

Beaver Grip

Previously debuted at Smash 'N' Splash 3, Beaver Grip is now available to the community! We've taken our experience with PlayStation and Xbox controller grips and decided it was about time GameCube got some more love <3 This grip is antiperspirant and antimicrobial so you can game longer and harder, Beaver Grip is the solution to your sweaty hand woes!

New GameCube Builders & Buttons

Do you feel your controller needs a little more pop than just the same old Nintendo colors? If you're as colorful as the characters you play with, you're in luck! You can now select from a variety of colors in A, B, X, Y, and Start button sets; mixing and matching to your hearts content! 

Ready-To-Ship Inventory

Since we've caught up on our orders, we've been making a point to start building an inventory of pre-built and refurbished controllers. W e'll have a plethora of PlayStation, Xbox One S, and GameCube controllers readily available for purchase without the complications of a wait-time or option overload!  These controllers are ready to rock-and-roll with a smorgasbord of performance and aesthetic options already picked. Once ordered, these controllers are tested and sent out within just a few business days.

Thank you so much for your support!

- Look for an update at the end of Summer -